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We've launched our new Connection Manager for our Mobile Broadband customers. Initially the software will only be available with our latest dongle, the Huawei ECu, but we'll be making it available for our other modems over the coming weeks. The new software has some great features including: A fresh new layout. Check your data and allowance and find out when you can upgrade with the new My O2 app for iPhone and Android. Software. ZTE. MF Change this device. Upgrading your Connection Manager software. Download for Windows. Download. (26 MB). Download for your Mac. Download. (9 MB). To download your Connection Manager guide please click the link below: Connection Manager v - upgrade guide.

On the Handset: You can update your iPhones software directly on the handset by following the steps below on the phone: Settings - General - Software Update . If there is a software update available the iPhone will allow you to download and update the software directly on the handset. We recommend you connect to WiFi .

To upgrade your mobile broadband software please choose your modem. It might be a different colour to the ones shown below but don't worry about that. Then follow the instructions on the next page. You can also come back to this section if you ever lose your user guide and need another copy or for any future software or.

o2 online help to enable users to find the answers they need.

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o2 online help to enable users to find the answers they need. Before updating the software on your phone, make sure it's fully charged, and you've backed up the data you want to keep. During the software Click here for full instruction on how to download, install and update new software for your Samsung phone.

O2 TU Go is just like using your phone – you can log in to TU Go to get your calls, texts and voicemail on up to five devices.

O2 apps. Discover and download your O2 apps for your smartphone, including My O2, O2 Priority Tickets and O2 Priority Moments. Get more from your phone. From everyday deals, to gig tickets and film experiences, Priority turns your phone into the gift that keeps on giving. Get the app now.

Yes you can update your software when abroad however we strongly recommend that this is only completed while connected to Wi-Fi or by connecting your iPhone to your computer and syncing with iTunes. Please be aware that downloading the software over cellular while abroad will result in data roaming charges being.

We're constantly providing updated software for our Xda range to make sure your device works better than ever. Tune your device with the latest software. Xda Mantle. Download Software · Download Full Userguide. Xda Orbit2. Download Software · Download Full Userguide. Xda Steller. Download Software · Download Full.

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Mobile email Easy ways to get the emails that matter sent straight to your phone. Reviews & Guides. Our expert mobile guides and honest customer reviews will show you the way. We recommend you connect to WiFi to do the download the software as the file could be large and using Wi-Fi is usually free of charge.

Never install any software onto your device unless you know and trust the source of that software and you were expecting to receive it. This means any software or application that you receive on your phone through any channel e.g. by download over WAP/web, attached to an SMS, MMS, Instant Message or E-mail, through.

Hi All, Does anyone know the answer to this question as i've looked almost everywhere that i can think of for the answer and not got a proper one. How much does 3G cost to use as it is'nt included on your contract and i believe it is an extra cost to use? Also when using 3G do you need to download.

You will need to be connected to Wi-Fi first. Select –. Settings; About Phone; Software update; Check for update. Select the software update for your phone. Note – You won't be able to use your phone during the software update. Click here for full instruction on how to download, install and update new software for your HTC.

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